How to supercharge your business using data & content

Why Data and Content Could be the Key to Growing your Business

Data is the backbone of all content

Data and content may seem completely unrelated but if you can shift your understanding of their relationship I believe there is huge untapped potential to grow your business, life and bank account.

1. Anything you can share online is content
2. All content has a mountain of data behind it with AI only adding to this
3. By using this data you can create more value for yourself, your audience and customers
4. NFTs are the most direct way of connecting data and content to create value

The 3 step model to create real value from data & content

When I work with clients on how to leverage tech to create more valuable content and drive performance I use a simple model that helps them understand their unique relationship to content and how it creates value for them. This involves drilling into the following three areas:

1. Content

I consider any digital output that can be shared as potential content. That means things like shared videos and photos as content, but I also consider things like notes on a research topic or a new tech tool as potential opportunities to repurpose into content.

As a business then the first step in the model is to consider: what are the outputs I generate that I believe would be valuable to share with the world?

2. Data

Data is the backbone of content which helps, us find it, understand what it is and attach any form of value to it.

I consider there to be three broad areas of content-related data:

Behind every piece of content there is a mountain of data and to access this the next step in the model is to ask: How am I going to identify, capture and store this data?

3. Value

Once this pool of content and data is created A business is primed to mine and refine this deposit of data into something of value.

The next question then is to ask: how am I able to get and give value from this content?

The traditional answer to this was to look at some data around top-performing content and create more like that without a clear idea of what actually made it successful. But now with AI content analytics, you can deep dive into your actual performance in the content and identify ways to self-coach and ultimately create better content. NFTs however take this value relationship to another level.

NFTS connect data and content like nothing else

The clearest and newest way to leverage value from content/data is through the power of NFTs. Fundamentally a NFT is a set of data relating to content that is stored on a blockchain. What this means is that by capturing a broader amount of data relating to your content you're able to differentiate your NFT and give the market a broader set of data to assess how much they think it's worth. Therefore if you attach emotion data or other unique data sets to your NFT it effectively could become a game of top trumps where the unique content becomes the most valuable.

If you start tracking and analysing the data of your content now you are setting yourself up to increase your business performance, content engagement and potentially direct sales of that content. What's most exciting is that's just what's possible now but every day new ways to leverage data and content are popping up and I believe this is a way to prepare you for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading ❤️