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Our client, a futures think tank, analyzes signals across the internet to provide trend predictions to companies. But their existing signal capture platform was limited to web pages only, making it difficult to capture signals from videos, images, and voice notes. That's where we came in.

We developed a signal capture platform that allows our client to easily capture signals from any web browser and device, as well as signals beyond web pages. With the new platform, our client can capture signals from videos, images, and voice notes with ease.

The platform also includes automated content creation, allowing our client to quickly and easily turn captured signals into valuable insights for their clients. Our AI insights feature analyzes the captured signals and provides customized predictions on how they could affect specific companies, giving our client a unique edge in their market.

The new signal capture platform has revolutionized the way our client approaches trend analysis, making it more comprehensive and accurate than ever before. With the ability to capture signals from any source and analyze them with AI, our client is able to provide even more value to their clients and stay ahead of the competition.

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