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Shameless Media, a leading podcast in Australia, was faced with a challenge when their old podcast platform was sold and deprecated. They risked losing visibility of their valuable historic data, which they used to communicate their value to advertisers. That's where we came in.

We built a platform using Google Bigquery and Google Data Studio, which brought together all of their historic podcast data and new podcast data in a central location. The new platform not only provided full visibility of their historic data, but also enabled us to surface new insights.

By analyzing the data in the new platform, we discovered previously unknown downloads on their backlog. This discovery created a whole new revenue stream for Shameless Media to sell to advertisers.

With our new platform, Shameless Media was able to continue communicating their value to advertisers by having full visibility of their historic data, while also identifying new opportunities to monetize their content. Our solution proved invaluable to Shameless Media, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and maximize their revenue potential.

If you're facing a similar challenge with your podcast platform or struggling to monetize your content, contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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